Excavation & Grading

Excavation & Grading for walks, drives, pools, patios, foundations, footings etc...


Concrete: Walks, patios, drives, footings, crawls, walls, stamped dyed, etc...

Material Delivery

Material Delivery: Decorative stone, mulch, puleverized dirt, sand, gravel, brick, etc...

Brick & Block HardScapes

Landscaping: Block walls, pavers, mulch, design concept, shrubs, etc...

Cmax excavating service is here to give you a safe, clean and affordable dig. We take care to perform our jobs with minimal disturbance to the surrounding areas in order to keep restoration cost to a minimum. It may be a bit slower process at times, but the reward is worth it.

We can handle almost any kind of excavation, grading or drainage. Be it a parking lot, foundation, footing, sidewalks, driveways, patios, swimming pools, ponds, ditching and sloping just to name a few. We also have zero swing equiment which allows us to excavate in tight spaces, such as next to an existing foundation for repairs and next to buildings, poles and other above ground structures. We dig trenches for drain tiles, piping and cables for sewer water and utility huookups or repairs, as well as augering for posts and poles. There not much we dont dig.


We rough grade or fine grade and compact subbase prior to installation of stone, topsoil, or any other materials while staying within tight tolerances to guarantee uniform grade and drainage properties. When necessary, we utilize the latest laser and GPS technologies to improve the quality of grading and drainage in areas that have limited possibilites for drainage. If you have a drainage problem you need to resolve call us and we will come out and see if we can remedy the situation.

Aggregate installation and grading:

We also install, grade and compact when necessary all grades of granular aggregates such as ca-6/grade 8,(road mix or gravel) 3/4. rip rap, PGE, river rock, pea gravel, sand etc. If you need one load or 20 give us a call..

Additional Services

CMax also offers many additional services to compliment our main services, such as trenching for example. Please view our list of additonal services.