Excavation & Grading

Excavation & Grading for walks, drives, pools, patios, foundations, footings etc...


Concrete: Walks, patios, drives, footings, crawls, walls, stamped dyed, etc...

Material Delivery

Material Delivery: Decorative stone, mulch, puleverized dirt, sand, gravel, brick, etc...

Brick & Block HardScapes

Landscaping: Block walls, pavers, mulch, design concept, shrubs, etc...

CMax provides a wide selection of concrete services. From driveway removal and replacement, to sidewalk and patios, curbs to footings, we are confident that we can provide you with a high quality job at affordable rates. We do not skimp on materials and we surely don't skimp on time. Concrete takes a lot of patience, experience, and a certain love of the job to get it done right.

We know what works and what doesnt. Different products require different mixes, thicknesses and finishes. Also your municipality may have certain standard minimum requirements for this such as driveways and other flatwork as well as footing depths, widths and elevations. It pays to know these specs ahead of time while planning your project, as your contractors all need to bid based on the same accurate information.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Well, first and foremost, if your project has a dimension larger than perhaps 12 feet, it's pretty much guaranteed your concrete will crack. Cracking is a natural part of the curing process and contraction/expansion cycles of concrete as temperatures vary. Thus, what we do is attempt to control the cracking with strategically placed jointing. Tool joints or sawcuts promote uniform cracking without compromising the beauty or integrity of the product, while long stretches may require an occasional expansion joint to keep pressure from "popping" or heaving at a joint. Wire mesh or fiber mesh in the mix also keeps the cracking from widening out and sections from heaving and uneven settling and we always recommend it. We use rebar when necessary, such as when joining a fresh product adjacent to existing concrete to keep heaving in check.

Ok. So what guarantees DO you offer?

We guarantee that you will be happy with the product when we are finished. Should an unforseen problem arise, we will surely work with you to find a reasonable solution at our expense. Weve seen what happens when people cut corners, and we've seen people forced tear out new concrete. In fact we have been hired to fix other peoples errors on several occasions.. Anybody can have a problem, but we plan on being around for a long time and our reputation is important, so rest assured any complications will be given the highest priority. Chances are, there wont be any, as we prepare well in advance to eliminate those possibilities.

Additional Services

CMax also offers many additional services to compliment our main services, such as trenching for example. Please view our list of additonal services.