Excavation & Grading

Excavation & Grading for walks, drives, pools, patios, foundations, footings etc...


Concrete: Walks, patios, drives, footings, crawls, walls, stamped dyed, etc...

Material Delivery

Material Delivery: Decorative stone, mulch, puleverized dirt, sand, gravel, brick, etc...

Brick & Block HardScapes

Landscaping: Block walls, pavers, mulch, design concept, shrubs, etc...

Bobcat Services Joliet

Bobcat Services by Cmax is another way for those who need professional lite to medium excavation and grading services to save time, money and the hassle that comes along with renting skid steers and other small equipment used in the excavation, grading and placement of aggregate materials during the construction process.

If your project doesnt require a contract or an estimate, and perhaps you just need somebody to come in for a quick job on a per hour basis, our Bobcat Services offering may be just what your looking for. We can usually respond fast, providing we get underground utilities located and your project is in compliance with local ordinance. We only require a three hour minimum of which one half hour is charged for mobilzation. Thats 2.5 hours of excavating, with a professional operator plus one half hour for travel.

Whats the Advantage?

Theres a few. In this case, you get what you pay for and you pay for nothing you dont get. It is billed in 1/4 hour increments as you go over the 3 hour threshold. When you rent a machine from a local tool rental shop you dont get an operator with it, you are liable for the machine in the case of damage etc, you have to refuel it, and you have to arrange or pay for transportation. When you hire us by the hour those issues go away. Our hourly rate is very competetive and you pay for only what you use. Please call us for our hourly rental rates as they vary by machine. Our low hourly rates are very competitive and thats why we dont publish them here, so give us a call. Attachments other than excavating buckets also may incur a separate rental charge.

Why the transportation, or mobilization charge.

It's a matter of time. Our time is as valuable as anybody elses, and fuel, insurance, state license fees and transport equipment wear and tear are costly. Many times it takes us more than 30 minutes to load the machine, fuel the machine, and transport it to the job. Thus, we believe the 30 minutes, (within a 25 mile radius) is fair and affordable. Please remember, we only charge for onw way. We also have to bring the machine back on our own time and dime.

Additional Services

CMax also offers many additional services to compliment our main services, such as trenching for example. Please view our list of additonal services.

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