Excavation & Grading

Excavation & Grading for walks, drives, pools, patios, foundations, footings etc...


Concrete: Walks, patios, drives, footings, crawls, walls, stamped dyed, etc...

Material Delivery

Material Delivery: Decorative stone, mulch, puleverized dirt, sand, gravel, brick, etc...

Brick & Block HardScapes

Landscaping: Block walls, pavers, mulch, design concept, shrubs, etc...

At Cmax Construction our goal is to provide maximum quality and efficient, safe and reliable construction services to our residential and business customers at affordable rates. We believe that doing the job right the first time is more important than substituting quality for quantity or speed for safety. We also believe that a clean work environment promotes safety and reflects the attitude and professionalism of those performing the service, thus, we promise to protect and respect your property and privacy as though it were our own. Combined we have over 45 years experience in the residential and commercial construction industry and have gained a solid reputation in our field. We serve an area within a 30 mile radius of Joliet Il in the Greater Will County area. Give us a call and we will discuss your needs, visit your jobsite, and submit a detailed written estimate usually within 48 hours of first contact.

  • Ever heard the phrase "you get what you pay for"?

    It's true! We recommend that you make sure your contractors are licensed and Insured. Trust but verify. Ask them for certificates of insurance before they come on your property, or you, the property owner, may become their insurance policy. Any reputable contractor will address all the pertinent issues beforehand including clean up and restoration, utilities, permits warranties and insurance.

  • What about Quality?

    Quality is paramount and quality should not cost more. Quality is not an "option" or an "extra". It is priced in every job we bid and is what you pay for first and foremost. Quality is in the details from start to finish, and we guarantee the quality of our work and your satisfaction. We provide honest estimates and detailed bids at very competitive rates, and we encourage you to seek additional bids based on the specs we recommend. We do not cut corners or use inferior products. We welcome the competition yet we wont substitute quality just to get your job. Our estimates are free. Correcting poor quality is very costly. My motto. "If you cant afford to do the job right the first time how can you afford to fix it?" I have been hired on numerous occasions over the last several years to tear our freshly poured concrete after the first contractor failed and left the homeowner in a bind. Do not let this happen to you.

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The Lowdown


It pays to do your homework before proceeding on any improvement. Aside from quality materials to proper specs and proven methods, the quality of your job depends on the experience and the integrity of your contractor.

Did you know that?
  • Estimates are FREE and are honored for 21 days from the date of quote.
  • Building Permits are required for most home improvments and must be obtained in advance.
  • Utilities must be located 48 hours in advance of project start.
  • Safety is our highest priority.

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